23. 11. 2023

The Trendy Pixel logo white

The Challenge

The Trendy Pixel came to us with the challenge to redesign their website to be more readable, aesthetic and audience inthralling while keeping the pre-established branding which long time clients have become familiar with.

The Idea

The current website has a design that does not allow for multi-faceted web crawling, missing out on opportunities for recognition and recommendation by Google. The design also needs to be updated and made more user friendly.

The Execution

We improved the design to enhance user-friendliness and create a unified, visually appealing aesthetic. Additionally, we enhanced accessibility and included additional pages and blogs that facilitate healthy site crawlability.

From Desktop to Mobile

Mobile traffic has long surpassed desktop computers as the most used device to access the internet. As such its important for us to make a simple, user friendly site that is easy to navigate. 

mockup of The Trendy Pixel mobile site, pink