Respectful Design | Creating with Sensitivity

AIFS Rebranding

Asian Indian Funeral Service, located in NJ, has been a steadfast supporter and service provider to the Hindu community for numerous years. With their enduring presence in the community, they were ready to update their company branding.


Revamp and refresh old Asian Indian Funeral brand while remaining respectful, clean and consistent with peacock feather imagery.


Our design process begins with identifying a companies brand identity. Asain Indian Funeral Service caters to a large community within the New Jersey State in their most sensitive and difficult moments. As the culture of this community is at the centre of their funerary practices, the accurate representation and respectfulness of Hindu ceremonies was crucial in our work.


Starting with Asian Indian Funeral’s website, we brought a fresh, modern look to the pages, keeping it easy to navigate for all previous clients as well as new ones. We built and set up a blog page to instigate more viewership. The goal is to encourage and inform visitors about the grieving process as well as the funeral system which can be confusing for first timers. The blog allows Asian Indian Funeral to have their own resource to direct their clients too. We created print media for the company, reflecting their new look, and continue to work with them managing media and creating content.

Branding Standards

Brand Colors

Staying true to Asian Indian Funeral Service’s history, we refreshed their logo with a new coat of paint.

The colors compliment the peacock motif being widely used across the site. Every page is made to fit the bright theme that respectfully reflects colorful Hindu ceremonies.


Refreshed Logo

Print Media

Pamphelts | Trifold Brochure

Print isn’t dead. Pamphlets, brochures, cards and printed promotional materials serve as a great tool for those who don’t have the same access to online information. These pamphlets are distributed across Hindu community centers, cultural hubs, and service providers to the Asian Indian community.